Monday, August 23, 2010

Improvising is Aunty Kiew’s specialty




We need to feed the pup cough medicine.. but am not able to locate the syringe..

But worry not, Aunty Kiew manage to find a straw, cut it shorter and voila, we got ourselves a “manual” syringe!

ps: We did manage to locate the syringe in the end >_<




Aunty Kiew had also did some upgrade the Girlie’s place.  It was previously not properly floored and can be quite stuffy.

Aunty Kiew inserted pieces of plank to serve as floor, and she changed the “door” so that it’s more stylish and can provide more air ventilation plus Girlie and pup can get some sunlight too =)

IMG_0416   IMG_0415

IMG_0595  IMG_0589

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