Sunday, August 22, 2010

First look at Girlie and her pups

Girlie and her pups haven’t got any coverage yet as they have been holed up in a secluded area in the shed in order to give them some privacy.



We would love to keep them in a family suite too but unfortunately there’s only one in the shed and Bibi & pups are already occupying it. Girlie and pup will have to make do with this. But rest assured, Aunty Kiew is always looking for way to improve their home.




Meet Girlie, the proud mama.

IMG_0372   IMG_0205

Oh look! one of her pup manage to crawl outside to enjoy the sun! What an adventurous little pup!

IMG_0358  IMG_0367

But Girlie and even Subang are always nearby to keep an eye on the adventurous pup.

  IMG_0346  IMG_0407

Time to check on the rest of Girlie’s pup. All are sound asleep.. but not for long.. one woke up and searching for mummy.. I guess it’s feeding time.

IMG_0382   IMG_0390

Girlie to pup “ Wakie wakie.. time to go back.”

Pup *grumbles grumbles.. too lazy to move*

IMG_0406  IMG_0410

Feeding time for the pups. Mum’s milk are the best! Oh dear, one of the pup sniffing for mummy. As Girlie is occupied, she couldn’t go to the lost pup. The pup will have to sniff her way back to mummy. In the end, she gave up and decided to let mummy go to her.

IMG_0486  IMG_0495  IMG_0503

Bonding session between the pups.

IMG_0515  IMG_0522 

*Girlie* Hi, I’m done feeding. You all can come and see the pups now.

Aunty Kiew with a sleepy and  grumpy looking pup.. ooOOo.. even pup love to go to sleep right after eating :D

IMG_0543  IMG_0474  IMG_0477

Oh my, check out the adorable little pups… All looking grumpy coz  they’re all cranky that their sleep are disturbed. Sorry puppies, we’ll be quick as a flash then you can go back to your evening nap :D Aunty Kiew is upgrading your home.

After a while, all puppies are enjoying the comfort of Ivy and Nicole’s arm =)

IMG_0549  IMG_0551

IMG_0552  IMG_0554

IMG_0555 IMG_0557




Hey, one of the pup’s got no tail @_@ aAAwwW…

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