Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bibi’s new pup?

I was in Bibi’s family suite, taking picture of her and her pups.. *click click snap snap*..




  ???? Is this Bibi’s pup too? 

I don’t recall seeing him previously..

Or maybe he was just hiding when i last came.



It was only after I asked April about her new rescued pup named Hugo that i realized this black pup is Hugo.. ooOOooo..

Am so blur… There’s new faces every week.. We really hope that more people would adopt these adorable furrizens.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, why not adopt? They may not be purebred, but they will love you back unconditionally. 

IMG_0667  IMG_0728

Little Hugo is currently staying with Bibi and her pups in the family suite.

IMG_0730    IMG_0732

Sweet-natured Bibi also doted on Hugo even though he’s not her pup. How awesome is that?

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