Thursday, May 27, 2010

GuessWho?? (Answer)

    No correct guess so far, not even those who had fostered this cutie before!!!

Prettie Kikie has cute big ears (pics taken in May 2010, April 2010)

The first few nights when Kikie went home with Amie
Kikie camouflaged with her brown pillow

Lil Kikie sleeping soundly right after drinking milk-milk

Yipee! She is our beloved Defny, now renamed Kikie.

Read here about Kikie adopted by Amie in March 2010.

Kikie was quite a handful for the first few weeks being with Amie. She was really a cry baby. She cried for the whole night whenever Amie put her in a playpen at night.  She cried every night, nonstop, for a week. She is quite a persistent cry baby. Amie then resort to leash her during sleeping time till she is fully toilet-trained.

To be frank, Amie almost wanted to give up on Kikie  & return her to us after she continuously crying for a week. One fine morning, Amie hold Kikie and talked to her, asked what else she wants with loads of frustration. Amie burst into tears and really too “sayang” to return Kikie. And guess what?

Dogs just know how to look into our eyes and understand us.  From then on, she is behaving better and adapting well. Amie bought her tones of toys to accompany her. This nottie Kikie is a tough and fierce girl as she even barks at Amie’s another Cocker spaniel who is 10 times bigger than her a week after being adopted.

Updates from Amie in April 2010 (A month after adopted Kikie):
"My cocker is very Chin Chai, even Kikie took over her food, she just let it be. And she play along well with the schnauzer. So pretty much okay lar. And don’t know why her ears now became pointy. It all started last week. She used to have droopy ears. she looks like a chihuahua mixed now.”

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