Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fosterer Needed Urgently!

A few of our dogs just recovered from illness needs fosterers!

1. BahBah a.k.a. Starry



Look at his huge bedsore on the left shoulder & how skinny he is! All he needs is someone willing to spend time & patience to clean his wound daily and give him so TLC (tender loving care).

Don’t let his big size fools you! He is extremely tame and gentle. Not to mention, very very handsome too.


2. Marisa a.k.a. Lydia

DSC01725Our pretty ambassador, Marisa has been very ill and weak due to tick fever. Get well soon, Marisa!  We really do not mind if you are as sakai as before. Yes, we are looking forward to your sakai-ness.  =)

She is also looking for a fosterer - a clean environment and loving caretaker. 

3. Handsome Chap at the vet



We met this boy at the vet and he is about to be put to sleep. He has been abandoned and still could not find a loving home. Do you think he deserve to be put to sleep?

Please contact us if you are willing to provide foster home to any of these dogs. We are 101% sure that none of them deserve to be put to sleep and they are all very adorable dogs if you make rooms for them in your heart!

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