Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Munchy & Scrabby

The first few days Munchy & Scrabby arrived at the shed.


Munchy basking under the sun before being adopted.

Munchy was adopted by Nara during the adoption drive in March 2010. He is now a happy resident of PJ, with MBPJ license of course!

Munchy has grown much  handsome and bigger now!
Guess what? He is approximately 15kgs at 8 months old.

The proud Munchy brought us around, showing us his new house, garden & fish pond.

He leads us to his  no.26A

Dog house 1 
His no. 26A is big enough to fit both of us.

DSC01754 DSC01751 DSC01750
Munchy lying down at his fave spot during a hot afternoon
His tag actually writes: My name is MUNCHY

The adopter, Nara told me that his maid is very very attached to Munchy, and so does Munchy. He stays next to her when she is doing her chores. She spends time talk to him whenever she is free. So you won't be surprised to find that Munchy actually understands Indonesian. Munchy used to sleep outside the maid’s room. The maid got a lil’ upset when Munchy moved his new no. 26A.

We are so glad that you have such a good boss & kakak!


Scrabby a.k.a. Corby

The day Bubbly Ellen bringing Corby home
Look at the way she carried Corby like a small baby

DSC01762 P1030066
Yipee! Corby has recovered from her tick fever & anemia.
She has now put on so much weight since she is on special diet. Ellen cooks special meal for Corby whenever she has time.

Sorry for the blurred pix. This is Corby enjoying her belly rub.

Corby shows us her comfy bed too! ^

Corby like most of the teething puppies loves chewing shoes as well. Ellen is being so patient with her.  So she gives Corby more rawhides and also find a wonderful explanation for her chewing habit. Ellen said because Corby is very attached to her and Corby certainly misses her when she been away to work. Thus Corby chews her shoes because it has Ellen’s scent on it. So what she does now is to keep her occupied with toys and rawhides, and of course, keep all her shoes away.

We googled up on the doggies’ chewing behavior. Click here for more info.
Dogs never chew out of spite. This is a grave misunderstanding of dog behavior. As a matter of fact, if they are feeling insecure and/or they miss you they might want to chew your shoe because it has your scent on it. No malice there, just an attempt to be close to you. In fact, especially if you are angry with them, chewing an item of yours is actually an attempt to make things better(not spite). I know it works the opposite, BUT the dog does NOT know that. If it were human, yes it could be spite; but the canine species is incapable of that human emotion.”


Other article about puppy chewing & destructive behavior:

Puppy chewing, ripping, shredding, tearing things up and
generally destroying stuff is as normal for dogs as tail-wagging. If you have a dog, expect chewing. Provide him with his own toys and teach him to use them or he will destructively chew anything available, such as your furniture, carpet, clothing or shoes.
Dogs do not chew and destroy your house and belongings because they are angry, jealous or spiteful. They do it because they are dogs. They may be lonely, bored, frustrated or anxious, but they are not malicious, vindictive or petty. Active dogs can become restless when
left alone for long periods. If you always come home at a certain time and you are late, your dog may become anxious. Your dog does not punish you for being late by destructive chewing. The dogs' chewing is a form of occupational therapy to relieve stress and release energy. If you come home and find that your dog has destroyed something, do not punish the dog.

Passive Training to Prevent Chewing Problems
Until your dog can be trusted not to destroy your home and yard, do not give him free, unsupervised run of your house. Give him a pleasant area or room of his own where he can enjoy himself and relax when you are not home or are unable to supervise him. Literally litter his room with a wide variety of toys. Since he will have no other choice of things to chew, he will learn to chew and play with his own toys. Make the toys enticing. Soak rawhide and long marrow bones in different flavored soups. Let them dry and give a different flavor to the dog each time you leave him alone. Sterilized marrow bones and Kong toys can be stuffed with liver treats or cheese. The dog will be entertained for hours trying to extricate the treats from the toy. Bury these toys in the dog's
digging pit.


DSC01767 DSC01765
Corby shows us her neighbor, fei zai  as well. The lil pup is such a bundle of joy.
Note: This cute pup is not for adoption!

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