Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visiting Fei Mui & Sai E

Its been a while since we visited Sai E & FeiMui.

Since we are around, we brought FeiMui to Dr Wong’s clinic for her 3rd vaccination. Sai E tagged along since she enjoys car ride.

SaiE4 Squeezing herself under the car seat


Fei Mui, you go first!

Good, no more demotex.

3rd vaccination done. You are ready for spaying in a month’s time.

FeiMui2 P1020687

Cam-whore Fei Mui vs camera-shy Sai E


Sai E, its your turn now! Get ready for your medical check up.


OMG! end up Dr Wong found out she was having tick fever.

No wonder she looks tired & walk like a poh-poh today.

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