Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Trip to the Vet

After visitng Sai E & Fei Mui, off we went to visit Starry, Jimmy White & Sulise who have distemper & are currently hospitalising @ Dr Ben’s clinic.


Depressed Jimmy White just recovered from distemper, now looking for a good home.

He loves human companion.

Yes Jimmy, I know you don’t like to be caged but we have no choice. Let’s work harder to find a loving owner for you.


Oh, even Starry was admitted due to (suspected) distemper as well.

Now you see the importance of vaccinations. Even adult dogs need their annual booster.


Sulise who loves to roam around freely whining to get out from her cage as well.

It seems she doesn't twitch / tremble as much today.

I was crying my heart out knowing that she trembled a lot yesterday. I thought she was going to die. Hang in Sulise!

Please please please. All dogs need vaccinations, no matter males/females, bigs/smalls, purebreds /pariah dogs, puppies/adult dogs.

Quoted from Fort Dodge Brochure:

Why You Need to VACCINATE Your Dog?

Responsible pet care requires puppies to be taken to the vet for their initial course of vaccinations, but this CANNOT protect them from the rest of their lives. The immunity weakens over time and your pet can again become susceptible to disease.

Should your pet become infected, treatment can require frequent visits to your vet and possible hospitalisation.

However NOT ALL diseases can be cured and disability or DEATH may result. The only PRACTICAL means of protection is VACCINATION!”

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bearbemama said...

oh Jimmy looks so depressed... urgent need of a loving home ..or someone please help to foster him first...?
i wish i could...but i just can't..sorry boy.....