Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Mocha & Puchong

Lil Mocha was tested Distemper positive last week. Fan has been fostering him since then.

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Hang in there, Lil Mocha!

Magic Wand

I wish I had a magic wand
To make it go away;
I'd wave my scepter over you
Until you were okay.

I'd think good thoughts; I'd send you love;
I'd transmit healing vibes;
My wand and I would surely beat
Whatever the doc prescribes.

But there is no magic scepter, so
I cannot cast a spell;
Just know you're often in my thoughts,
And I hope you'll soon be well!

By Joanna Fuchs (from

We felf so sorry knowing that Puchong (Mocha’s mama) did not make it. She passed away on 22/04/2010. She was very weak since we took away all her pups. Gosh! She must be missing her pups loads. How we wish we could bring her pups to see her before last breath.

PuchongPuchong could not understand why her pup was brought out from the cage. Her 3-legged pup went to the rainbow bridge on 27/03/2010. Read the story here.

Our heart torn into pieces when we saw this picture of Puchong looking puzzled, not knowing what had happened to her precious baby.

Good Bye Dear Puchong! Please send our regards to your other 3 pups at rainbow bridge. May you rest in peace. Love you lots!

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havetailwillwag said...

rest in peace puchong.. at least now she is with her little tripod pup in dog heaven.