Friday, November 27, 2009

Joke?...or No Joke??...

As you all know by now our "transit home" for the puppies is located at the site of a temple, we ladies finally had a light moment chatting after a busy day work on one beautiful Sunday evening.

Aunty Kiew narrated that the temple committee members has commented that the temple will no longer called "human temple" but instead became a "dog temple" (direct translation from Cantonese). I have heard this once and was burst into laughter when Aunty Kiew told me on the phone. This was the time when we decided to built a shed for the doggies there.

Here is another more funny version. Mrs Lai with her cool voice said that Ah Nga, the temple caretaker who has helped us built the extension has commented that "In Penang there is a snake temple, ours here is the dog temple lor!!". We all laugh out loud. Well maybe it could turn out to be a tourist attraction too!

Hei, should we teach our doggies to learn how to pray?? :))

We do appreciate what the temple committee members has offered us. How nice if every temple in the country can do the same for animal lovers? Wishful thinking!!

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