Friday, November 27, 2009

Who took Lemon from the Wolfie’s Den??

Quest:Who took Lemon from the Wolfie’s den?

Ans: Sam took Lemon from the Wolfie’s den.

Sam: Who me?

Us: Yes you.

Sam :Couldn't be

Us: Then Who?

Sam: Debbie took Lemon from the Wolfie’s den.

Oh Boy, It did give us another scare of another missing pup. Debbie is the only one who has the patience for training pups thought that its good that Lemon be trained to behave first before rehoming. Lemon screamed,yelled and cried the first 2 days in her house but Debbie still can tolerate such noise as she understands that it is normal for a new pup to behave that way initially .

Mind you she has 2 other dogs with her. She rescued a male Shih Tzu that was thrown away when he was only 4months! A pure breed get dumped too when owner realised that they are unwilling to scarifice for a pet.Owning a pet is a commitment you have to be prepared to take, they are not a TOY that can be dumped when you no longer fancy them.

Anyway, Lemon is now adapting very well in her new environment and Debbie said she is beginning to fall for her. She is also brought to visit Mocha, one of Kiew’s soldier adopted by Debbie’s cousin. Debbie , please ask your Aunty to adopt Lemon too . They will be great pal and we will not have to worry of getting her a good home.

092083 Lemon having a tussle with Mocha

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