Saturday, November 28, 2009

Devoted Kiew

While we are here blogging away, corresponding and getting adopters,thinking of ways to make this a better transit home for the doggies, Kiew is always worried that doggies are not getting enough food, thinking of the cheapest mean to treat the doggies when they are not feeling well (oh, herbs she believed to be good are been used to treat some sick puppies and Wah La! it works) sourcing for unwanted toys for them to play and unwanted clothing for them as bedding. Though she knows that we are helping her, she is oblivious of what is been written about her on the blog and what is happening outside the temple shed. Well, Kiew, don’t worry we will try as much as we can to make this place a safe haven for the doggies here though we are unable to be there twice a day like you….. We wish we could…. I dont think I am able to carry 2 buckets of at least 4kgs each daily to feed the dogs twice! I hate to admit it I really CAN'T do it.

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