Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updates on Shashi

Updates that brightened us our days to know that our furry frens is well taken care off.


Good day to you. Shashi adjusted very well. He is so playful as my kids like to play with him. (We are glad to hear that, we actually do not have so much time to give him the personal attention he needs)

He is quite a fast learner, he now knows how to listen to commands like 'sit', 'stay', 'wait', 'no', 'cannot', 'fetch', 'give', 'let go', 'stand', 'shake left or right hand' and etc.. for example: I put some food in front of him, I would say 'wait' or 'cannot' so that he could wait patiently before I said 'OK' then he could eat the food. I teach him this because I found him rushing for food although he is alone to enjoy the food.( Ha,ha,ha…still a puppy and very happy to hear that he is a fast learner)

Shashi is getting healthier and grow bigger now. He never felt full. Only sack back is that he has a very dry skin that makes him scratched a lot. He chewed a lot too, he chewed our shoes, shoes rack, even the pillar and my plants. (Do get him some bones to chew)

For your information, he is not as soft temper as mentioned by you all. The first day that he reached my house he actually fight with my old aged dog, Sheba. And Sheba actually got a shock of her life and she becomes very anxiety because she used to be the queen at home. Nowadays are getting better but sometimes still fight. (That is very surprising, he has been an angel in our shed. Maybe his kennel mates were timid and he has always gets what he wants and thus never have to fight)

Actually we gave Shashi some toys to chew, he likes to play around with the toys. He likes to play catch and fetch, too.

That's all for now. Will get my son to upload Shashi's photo soon.
Kim Choo

Thanks Kim Choo for the updates and hope to receive more from you and may Shashi brings lotsa of joy and laughters to your family.

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