Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One more……….

P9040639 A mummy dog again.

Obviously there will be puppies around. I will not bring the puppies to the shed. I know its better for them in this place than the shed at this moment….but.…but…..but… the presence of a little black puppy bothers me. I have seen him running inside this abandoned yard, sometimes alone and sometimes with the pack of dogs here.


Yesterday, I was pretty surprised as this little puppy bravely sneaked forward from the corner of the gate for the food I offered. I was hesitant to take him…

Should I or should I not? I kept asking myself. The shed is full of puppies,and I am kind of tired of fostering one after another…. but one more makes no difference I told myself….. and, off he goes to the vet for a checkup…

……so ONE more looking for a loving home . Thanks to Richard, our temporary shed helper who offered to foster him and has named him CHARCOAL. Phew!!!


P9200882a Look at the mark left from a string tied round his tiny feet.

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