Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home Needed Urgently


Mickey Mickey2

These two handsome boys need a home urgently. Both male, hound mix, about 6-7 months, vaccinated, spayed and healthy.

Mickey is darker brown, with cute droopy ears and sparkling eyes. Popeye has husky grey brown tone and very steady. Both are smart, has good natural watchdog instinct with deep mature voice. Love going for walks. Had basic training commands to sit, stay and shake hands. Not yappy, very good natured and easy to train. They may look big but still very much pups at heart and easily warm up to people who love them.

They are due to be sent to a farm this Sunday as fosterers can't care for them anymore. Please help find them a home. They are young and full of love, and should not have to spend their whole life in a farm. Foster help is also much appreciated. Please help. Call Eileen 019-3203875.

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