Thursday, September 16, 2010

No. 7 Doggie


Hrm…. It looks like this family has gotten a new pup…. That’s why they are setting up the net-thingy on the gate to prevent the puppy from Prison Break….

We rang the door bell and we met lil’ Casper… (read more on Casper here)

P1070296Oh… lil’ Casper was having a lil sneezing & coughing.
Get well soon, lil’ boy.

P1070310  P1070309
Casper is rolling over to show us his No. 7  t-shirt…
That’s how he does a dog-walk….

I have done my Dog-walk… Can I get my belly rub now?

P1070318 P1070320 P1070322 P1070325
He then show us his comfy bed with loads of toys!

Oh dear! You are one very loved pup! How we wish all the furrizens in the shed could find an awesome daddy like yours! =)

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