Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do Ya Still Remember Them?

Its been a while since we visited these 3 lovely ladies…

P1070247Whose bushy tail is this?

Oh… It’s Fei Mui a.k.a. Amber….

P1070259 P1070257
Sai E posing with her BFF (best friend forever), Fei Mui.


How are you getting on, Sai E?
It seems like you have put on loads of weight!

P1070246 P1070233 P1070236 P1070227
Thats the way Fei Mui & Sai E play wrestling everyday….

P1070254 P1070255
Oh my… Fei Mui is less than 1 yr old but she is definitely BIGGER than Sai E now!

One Happy Family~

P1070252 This picture made us grinning from ear-to-ear everytime we see this picture =)

Thank you Miss Leong for your kind contribution & taking good care of Sai E & Fei Mui,

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