Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New KidsSsssSs On The Block

New Kid #1 : Mr Poppy (nicknamed Pop)

DSC00066 DSC00067
Pop finally showed us his smile after a week being with us!

New Hot Mama #2: Girlie

DSC00057 DSC00058
Auntie Kiew was so surprised to see her newborn pups on Sunday morning….

Can you spot the little ones sleeping soundly on Girlie’s body?

How many pups are there?

Do you know Girlie is a first-time mama?

I think there are 6 pups…. all as brownish as Girliey

Leave your comment if you would like to rename all these pups. We are now cracking our head to rename them!


Simple Hobbies said...

Dinky, Linky, Quinky, Rinky, Twinky, Zinky.

Sam said...

Rinky & Linky sounds alike... auntie kiew wont be able to differentiate that =P

Simple Hobbies said...

Yeah...then how about..
Dinky, Einky, Linky, Quinky, Twinky, Zinky... cheers. :)