Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A MiLLion TriLLion ZiLLion Thanks !!

We, the Furrizens  of PAWS Mission would like to express our thanks to all these WONDERWUFF people

for making the adoption drive last Saturday a very successful one!!




  Thank you to all the fantastic people whom had given us a warm loving home.

  Thank you to all whom had stop by to spend time and play with us.. and feed us with lots of treats!

  Thank you to all whom had part with your hard earned money to contribute to the fund.








Muchas Gracias to:

Eileen for writing about our plight in the paper

Sam, Fan, Kim, Mrs Lai, Fan & hubby, Ivy, Nicole,  Alice and BF, Gim, Joe, Brianna and Vanessa,

Vien and fren for taking us to Ivy’s place, “marketing” us, cleaning after us, feeding us, sayang-ing us..





Special Thanks to:

Ivy’s parents for letting us prowl around the house. It has very good feng shui!

Lynda for again stopping by lotsa food for us and also our human pal :D

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Sam said...

yea! Thanks Lynda for the KFC =) Yummy