Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Well Soon, Midnight!

Midnight is a very gentle & friendly cat. No matter how much pain he endures, he just never bite or scratch.
When I saw Dr edmund & his assistant removed the needle (for IV drip) on his right arm, changing bandage around his neck, cleaning the wound area around his neck, he never attack the vet. He whines a bit. All you need to do is to comfort him & calm him down while he was in pain.

I almost cried when I saw this.


I was having fever &  terrible sore throat since last Wednesday. I can barely eat due to sore throat. I have been complaining since then.

I shouldn’t have complained n kept whining. Midnight’s situation is 1000000 times WORSE than me. He is having (abnormal) oesophageal stricture near his chest area. Part of his oesophagus near the chest is so narrow that even 6ml of liquid food COULD NOT pass through after 1 1/2hours! Can you imagine how much pain he is enduring now? Mind you, Midnight is only a 6months old kitten. Just in case you are wondering why is he having bandage around his neck? This is because Dr Edmund tried inserting the feeding tube for him but he has no luck. Even the tiniest feeding tube couldn't go through. Whenever Midnight eats, the food will came out from the hole near his throat.

When he reached Auntie Kiew’s place, he was so manja & wanted Auntie Kiew to pat him. I supposed no one pat him for the past few months at the vet. Who has the time to pat a manja, sicked kitten in the clinic?
His tail was so dirty as Dr Edmund said most likely Midnight was too weak to even groom himself. Most cat lovers / cat owners know how hygienic the cats are. I don’t know as I have never keep a cat before =P

P1050940 P1050943
No worries, Midnight! You will be fine.
** Ah Brown & LarCharMau sending their LOVE to midnight **

P1050957  P1050972 
The special liquid diet for Midnight & the letter from Dr Edmund

   P1050965 P1050968
Midnight is now Buncit & Comot’s flatmate

Eventhough some vets actually suggesting us to put him down as there is really, really nothing much we could do, but we aren’t gonna give up on him.

Please please please, send your positive thoughts & love to Midnight. Or if you came across vets that are good with cats, please let us know. We will try our best to help him. Midnight has never give up on himself, so why should we give up on him? FYI, Mrs Lai is sending him to UPM tomorrow. Finger crossing there will be good news.

Our Lady Marisa recovered miraculously. So we are hoping that there will be a miracle for Midnight’s case too. Please let us know how you could help us to help Midnight.

missionshare5@gmail.com or waisam.ho@gmail.com or Sam 012-2900215

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