Monday, August 2, 2010

Do You Like Ratatouille?

ratatouille-foto2 Have you seen Aunti Kiew’s white rat before?

Buncit & Comot were in the cage as auntie Kiew was busy preparing dog food for the mama dog…

Then I spotted a white, tiny furball near the cages.

It’s a RAT!!

P/S: Sorry for the blurry pics…. you know… taking pics of rats are way more difficult than taking pics of cats n dogs!

The rat trying to get attention from Buncit

 P1050980 P1050983 
Buncit just ignored the rat totally as she was finding her way to get out from the cage.
The rat even visited the new comer – Midnight a.k.a Hitam who stays on top of Ms Buncit & Ms Comot.

P1050943 P1050940
A Very Touching Moment…
Auntie Kiew’s Cat (Ms Lar CharMau) & Poodle (Mr Brown) & Bunbit & Comot were welcoming Mr Midnight with open hands!

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edgykay said...

Such a harmonious group of cats, dog and a rat! Adorable!