Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to My House (Part 2) - Sam

P1020615Say Hello to my interior designer team – The ‘ONE Malaysia’ trio!

P1030703 P1030704 P1030717

My interior designers think the existing staircase is a lil too boring, so they decided to do a lil bit of touch up, free of charge!

P1030707 P1030708 P1030709
The normal chairs are way too boring!!

P1030711 P1030712
They remodel the turtle’s house too!

P1030713 P1030715
Fringes & holes are the latest, coolest fashion trend!

Curtains without fringe are just too dull…

Happy showing the sneak preview of a scratched door….

P1030755 P1030756
Marco took up plumbing course during his free time. Obviously he did not graduate!

DSC00189 Our garden before having the fur kids

P1030710 P1030723
A year after having the fur kids

Marco making limau ice to quench his thirst

P1030725 Corner of the wall isn’t spared from their artistic touch-up too…

P1030732 P1030733
There are times that they prefer slippers more than rawhides / doggie toys

We sweep the floor twice a day, and this is only the living hall & kitchen…

Again, the edge of the bed needed some touch-ups

 P1030737 P1030766 
They think it is perfectly OKAY to rest and watch CSI with us, sleep on our bed….

P1030764And use our washroom!!! (All my dogs are grass-trained, they are supposed do their business on the grass, not toilet!)

dog xmas (2) dog xmas
Playing with broom and digging a big hole is their way of celebrating of Christmas Eve =)

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Fan said...

Hah Sam! Wonder why we can tahan?Some people will give a disgusted look of having dogs at home,Some who understands will laugh with me.Which side do you prefer to be?