Friday, June 4, 2010

Ah Hah! Some Updates

Bailey renamed Pou Pou is the last of the riverside babies to be adopted. She was whining all the time since her brothers were adopted. We are so glad that she found someone who can give her the attentions she craves for.02052010025


p0044_020510Por-por sayang Pou pou ok? Don’t whine.

Hi!! So sorry for the late reply but hvnt been checking my email for some time. My grandma loves the puppy n shes doing vry well now in my grandmas hse. Shes growing up very fast as well =)
My grandma named her "pou-pou" and we jz took her to the vet recently for her next vaccinations. Will try to attach pictures that we took during my grandmas birthday but may not be able to since im emailing frm my handphone right now.

Thanks Michelle for the updates. Glad your Grandma bonded with her so well.Do keep us posted on her progress.

These are some sms we received when we enquire about our adopted pups’ progress.

3 of Tri Tri’s pups who was adopted by Mr Bala in Port Dickson

Yes they are the luckiest dogs in the world.So well taken care of. Yes, they have been spayed and we are also giving them special vitamins injections by the vet. They have grown very well. Thanks.

Paris renamed Caleb adopted by Wai Loon-1 of the Soldier of Aunty Kiew’s rescued pup.

Caleb is doing fine and growing strong but kind of playful.

Wolfie’s Black and White male pup adopted by Irene in Nov 2009

Whitey is more obedient compared to Blackie. Two of them are very naughty. Always fight over everything. Helps me gardening all the time and spoilt the fence I did for them in my house.

Its never a “Out of Sight Out of Mind” for all the doggies and puppies that has crossed the path of our lifes. We truly missed all of them.

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