Monday, April 19, 2010

Peanut Butter for Sale!

G'day mate!

I am Peanut. I am approx 6~7months old, male, single & available.

I lost my way home & still couldn't find my previous owner. But nevermind, I have decided to put myself up for adoption. I am not picky. All I am looking for is a loving owner who is willing to vaccinate me & neuter me, spend his/her precious time with me.

Please call Sam @ 012-2900 215 if you like to view me because I have not gotten my new cellphone.

If I adore you, I will show you my new tricks! I know the command of sit, hand & come. Now I'm learning to walk on leash & respect my bossy housemate 'Marco'.

I will show you my polka dots tongue.

I will sit quietly & watch soap drama together-gather with you.

I will also show you my ugly mug face to make you laugh.

Last but not least, my handsome face!

Btw, could you please stop asking me "Are you NUTS?" =P
Of course, I am absolutely normal as I am toilet-trained.

1 comment:

havetailwillwag said...

omg peanut looks EXACTLY like my dog spike when he was a puppy!!!!! aww.. brings back memories of my spikey's childhood.