Monday, April 19, 2010

No Post For 17/4 and 18/4???

Reason : We were all very busy for our long waited 1st adoption drive held in DesaPark City in Kepong and the next day we all had a good rest. Thanks to everyone for making this a successful event. Though not all our furry friends found home at least 10 of them did.They may not be as pretty or as beautiful in appearance as the ones in the pet shop but they do possess the quality of a good dog. We adore all of them.

Sorry we actually have to turn down some adopters, as if we find the furry friend they have chosen is not suitable for the adopters, we will not let them be adopted. We do not want adopters or our furry friends to be unhappy in any circumstances.

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Some clips….more will be posted …Look out for it!

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