Friday, January 22, 2010

Up To Something No Good Again????

Hi all,

I saw this new female adult dog outside my bf's since last weekend.

She looks kind of like Lois, small sized, hair-medium length, brown coat.

She is kinda timid. Been trying to feed her for the past 2 days secretly. (My bf's parents dont like the idea that i always pick up / feed stray dogs). Need to catch her asap as I suspect that she might be on heat. I saw 2 male dogs been trying to hump on her on-and-off for the past few days. She finally let me stroke her just now. I m planning to catch her this weekend. I should be able to handle her on my own.

Where should I keep her now? Send her for spaying 1st? Its better to prevent another litter than working hard to rehome new pups. I m kinda broke now = P


Our response was:

If you can GET HER FIRST SAM!!!!

Her reply:

so i will get her & place at temple? Thanks a lot!!!

cage her? i try to get her saturday morning

my hands are so full now!

need to vaccinate Sai E before spaying her

We really need more of this kind of energetic young ladies around. Oophs! hope the boyfriend’s mum don’t see this. Well she should be proud that his son is dating such a responsible and caring young lady.

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