Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another long tiring day


We have adopters around to view our pups.

As our pups were not what the adopters were looking for  and some will only adopt after the Chinese Lunar Year,no dogs and pups were rehomed today.


Sam brought back Macy the mother stray that she  has been feeding and will be bringing  to be spayed. Kudos to Sam!

6 dirty pups were taken back home by Nicole,Ivy and friend, not to foster BUT to BATH ! Thanks again for this kind help as you are aware we have water shortage here.  The pups seems to know that they will be bathe today , they were extremely stinky.

P1230732  P1230730

“Frosty, you will not be left out when bathe is concern. Lotus, you too.You can’t hide dirt with your whitish creamy hair colour.”

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