Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They are also looking for a home


Name : Shyla

3mth and vaccinated. She is rescued by Grace of Puchong. She has beautiful round eyes. We have yet to determine her temperament as she was just brought in temple last Saturday. She is the only one Grace is able to rescue out of 5 siblings.1 was knocked down by a car, 1 caught by the Municipal and 2 gone missing. We really hope that we are able to find her a good home.


Name : Coco

5mths,vaccinated and heartworm free. Coco is playful and loves her daily walk. She was infected with parvovirus earlier but has recovered fully now. A real tough cookie. Also very alert and makes a good watchdog. She is a rescued puppy of Sam too and currently waiting to go to a good home at the temple.


Little Frosty not too happy with new resident,Coco

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