Monday, January 25, 2010

Mission ……Failed!!!

We spiked Tri Tri’s and Ah Wong’s food so that we can bring them to be spayed.Boy, after an hour they were still wide awake while we have to keep tab where they ran to as we do not want them to be knocked out in somewhere we can’ t get them

Ah Wong will run under the container to rest as it was quite hot outside. Irritated by us constantly disturbing her with a long stick she finally ran to hide by the river. Che che( her daughter) and even our caring ( caring ???? or is she just been nosey) Cici helped us to look for her ,but, nowhere to be found.

!P1250001The container where Ah Wong wanted to rest under.


Che Che and Cici went looking for Ah Wong by the river. Cici making sure that we were behind her. We believed that she is afraid to be abandoned again.

Tri Tri as usual will hide under the car but when the workers of the car workshop came she ran to hide behind the tall bushes! So how are we going to get her?

Looks like we need to give them a stronger dosage of sleeping pill for it to be effective the next time round.

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