Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reiki renamed Sleepy

Mr Wong & Michelle

Reiki renamed Sleepy

Again, from Sam:

"Dear All,

Our lil explorer Reiki has been adopted by Mr Wong & Michelle on Saturday 16/1/10.

See how fat her tummy was when Michelle was holding her to take picture. She was eating non-stop when Wong & Michelle came to view her.

SMS from Wong last night:"She adapted very well, enjoying her new home. In fact I got her vaccinated & dewormed today. Oh.. We've renamed her sleepy coz she's sleeping she doesn't care what anyone do to her."

Me n Leong is worried that Sai E will feel lonely since all her pups get adopted yesterday.

But Sai E looks happy. we know she is glad that Sleepy found a good home!! "

Kudos! Sam!

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