Monday, January 18, 2010

Latest rescue by Sam

This is the e-mail sent by Sam last Friday:

"While I was driving home from my parent's house last night, I saw a guy leaving a small lil pup near a residential area next to a busy main street. It was almost 10pm. I quickly drive back & was about to scold him for abandon pets irresponsibly. It turned out that the lil pup was crossing the busy main road. The guy saw him & quickly pulled aside & picked her up, put her near the residential area (the so-called safer place).

I asked the guy to give it to me. While I was calling Fan & Aunty Kiew for help, I fed the little one some kibbles in the car. Kiew said I was lucky enough as she normally doesnt stay up so late. Our kind-hearted aunty kiew agreed to foster this cute lil pup for 1 night & send her to the temple today.

I renamed her Jolly. Hopefully she lives up to her name, be a jovial bubbly girl. She is such a lucky girl. No pic yet. She is very very mini (as mini as our minnie), brown with hint of black. "

Good job, Sam!!

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