Monday, January 18, 2010


The photos are in. This is the pup rescued by Sam last Friday.

According to Aunty Kiew, she took the pup from Sam the night itself and housed her inside her apartment. Aunty Kiew has to be very careful because she has a dog and a cat living with her.

Thank goodness Jolly did not cry when Aunty Kiew brought her back. She placed her inside her cat's carrier. Jolly is small enough to squeeze inside the carrier. She soon snoozed off after that.

However, Aunty Kiew's dream was interrupted by the whining noise of little Jolly in the middle of the night. It was about 4am when Jolly cried. Aunty Kiew have to wake up to pacify her. She was worried Jolly's cry would disturb her husband. Guess what Auny Kiew did? She carried Jolly with her and hugged her to sleep in another room until the next morning!

What a great woman! Phew! Jolly was sent to the shed the next morning and she joined the rest of her playmates there. Even though they are much bigger but she is very comfy staying in the big cage. (Jolly has to be quarantined for about a week before she can be released to join the rest)

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