Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guess....who is this??

" Can't get front view of Chi Li cos she will jump at the camera b4 I could click. Very playful likes to play water but hate to bath."

Ok, lets have a guessing game...if you think you can guess who this is in the pictures above...if you follow our blog...

Here are some clues:
It is a "she", she was rehomed slightly more than 1 month ago, she was the smallest size among all the rescued pups (compare to her age),...any idea??

Ok, more clues, she was rescued from the Old Klang Road market, if Aunty Kiew did not rescue her just in time, she could have been eaten by rats!!

Ring your bell? Well, well, we give you the answer now, she is the lovely Minnie!! Now renamed Chi Li by Elsie!! Oh boy, you can't believe this is how big she looks like, right? We aunties here could not recognise her too!!

This is the reply we received from Elsie when we asked her to get Chi Li a companion.

I could be lonely instead! Ha,ha,ha. She is always digging in the garden and biting whatever she finds. Don't worry she is fine here

Thanks to Elsie, for giving Minnie/Chi Li a second chance of life.

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