Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you for your donation and help

We have 2 new visitors last Saturday evening who came to help us out in the feeding work and cleaning. They are dog lovers Wai Ching and Edward. Both of them also donated rice for the doggies. Thank you very much Wai Ching and Edward, the doggies would love to see you all again!! Please do drop by anytime when you are free.

In addition to this, Nicole and Ivy also drop by to offer their help. They were so kind to bring us two big container of fresh water knowing that we only rely on rain water for the cleaning and feeding work. Nicole and Ivy also brought us tick and flea repellent. Ya, we are dealing with tick and flea problem here.

Help is never enough in the shed. Besides feeding and cleaning work, the puppies love to have human touch, would you be able to come by and play with them?

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