Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Planning ahead and a big thank you to Ms Leong Peck Wan

As you all know the shed is located behind a temple and there is no confined area for the doggies to stay. They are basically roaming around the whole area during their free time including the river bank. When cars come, the doggies and especially the little ones will run towards the visitor's car, they are used to visitors by now and would just love to welcome anybody that drop by. This is what worry us most because they will just run around everywhere and even some of us may not notice them when we drive to the temple.

So, it is best we have a proper compound for them to play around. We have decided to fence up the area, i.e beside the shed so that the pups will not take the risk of being run over by cars.

Upon hearing our plight, kind samaritan Ms Leong Peck Wan, a net friend of volunteer Sam, who get to know about this plan in the net has generously offer her help to sponsor for the construction of the fence. On behalf of the four legged friends here, we would like to say a big thank you to you for your kind thoughts and gestures. We do hope we will be able to meet you one day! To have a safe and healthy environment for the doggies and puppies here is our main concern.

Thanks again Ms Leong, may you be blessed for your kindness.

Oh, ya, thank you to Sam, too, for your great effort in helping out to raise fund for this purpose!! Woof Woof!!

We all believes that animals deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, love and kindness.

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