Friday, December 11, 2009

Signature Campaign By Malaysian Dog Deserve Better

Hope you readers do not miss out in this Signature Campaign by Malysian Dog Desreve Better. Below is their recent posting in their blog.



ME - Dreaming of what I would do if i could sink my fangs into the local council people.

Our director of signature campaign - Ms Shalini Cheenapop Kiki-Mae

A local council dog catching team dragging a dog into their van after using a primitive stone age loop to catch the poor dog - pix taken by my human who was called a vile name for trying to save the dog.

A friend's dog which was caught and released by the dog catchers after the owner went practically on her knees begging for her pet back. They had used a wire loop which had entangled in the dog's mouth.

We are simply fed-up that local councils are still very very primitive in their methods of countering the overpopulation of strays. The best way ever would be to implement the trap-neuter-release method instead of hunting down stray dogs and sentencing them to death. But getting this across to the local councils or the state government is akin to speaking to a thick, thick, thick wall. So, we have decided to embark on a signature campaign which will be presented together with a memorandum to his Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor. We believe that Tuanku is our only hope to make the local councils implement a more humane method, more so that we have been told that certain local councils will be using poisoned chicken parts to murder feral dogs which are difficult to catch! Please support us. MDDB has also appointed Ms Shalini Cheenapop Kiki-Mae as the coordinating director of the signature campaign. Please write to for the signature forms. The forms will be immediately mailed to you. We canines will be forever grateful if you can help us get the much needed signatures. All signatures must be accompanied with full name and identity card number. Thank you and please help us.

Woof, woof, woof,

Shamini Popiko Sasha (Ms)

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