Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not Again!!!!!

Kiew and Mrs Lai panic in the evening when they went to the temple to feed the doggies. They could not find Colby and Kaylee!!  Not Again!!! Who would want to steal them?  They still need lotsa of care and attention. They are too small to ran out of the play pen. After a frantic search, they decided to call Fan as she was there last to bring some puppies  to the vet  for vaccination. She was just as worried as them to hear it. Then they  decided to call Sam to check  and was relieved that Sam has taken them back .Sam was so happy that she found a fosterer for them that she has forgotten to inform Kiew and Mrs Lai.

Its great to know that they are in a home now without been disturbed by the puppies around. If only there are more fosterers around to shoulder  some of rescuers’  problems……..wishful thinking again?????

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