Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last in, first out!

Happy Independent Day to y’all!!

It’s a public holiday so of course it’s an opportunity to visit the shed. As usual, Fan, Aunty Kiew and Uncle Wong are already at the shed with the daily chores. Tony and his workers are hard at work with the shed extension too. And I got to know another volunteer I’ve never met before =) Even Kim came in the evening after she’s back from her outstation trip.

And Sam is there of course. Was planning to go on house call with Sam but we’ve got to ditch the plan because some of our four-legged friends are sick and they gotta be sent to the vet, plus we have a numbers of callers who’s coming to the shed to see the furrizens.




 Hey hey, who’s this cutie pie? I never seen him before..

Why.. why would people throw away such a cutie pie??




But lucky for mr Cutie Pie, he managed to charm these lovely people to take him home! You go boy!

We’re really pleased for mr Cutie Pie and thankful to the family that adopt him. THANKS SO MUCH!


IMG_0167  IMG_0170  IMG_0175  IMG_0181  IMG_0191  IMG_0219

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