Wednesday, September 1, 2010

IOI Mall Adoption Drive

There are so many people we like to thank for making this event a success, the list is endless.

To view the pictures from the adoption drive, click here and here




Firstly, our heartfelt thanks to IOI Mall for providing us the venue for the event.





We’re extremely grateful and thankful to the students of Taylor’s College!! You all have been tremendous help for the event. Thanks for extending your help to us for this event.

IMG_0923      IMG_0908

Joanne’s children and (fren or cousins?). Boy we are super impressed by them.

They’re extremely awesome in creating awareness to the public and fund raising!! We felt like an amateur next to them :D

And super hard-working too =)

IMG_0104  IMG_0530  IMG_0534  IMG_0898




Linda for helping us transporting the four-legged fren, your generous contribution of dog food, for buying us lunch and your continuous support!




Special thanks to Eileen (for the press coverage), Alice (and friend), Rena, Mei Kuan and Aaron =)

And how could we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back… heheheee..

The heart, soul and backbones of PAWS Mission :

Aunty Kiew, Kim, Fan, April, Mrs Lai, Sam, Nicole, Ivy, Vivienne, Apple and sister (Is it Syuen? pls forgive me and my failing memories >_< ), Uncle Wong.

But most of all, MANY MANY MANY THANKS to all of you whom had

attended the adoption drive and take home a dog, give us the much needed

donations and spend time with the four-legged friends!!

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