Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Tale of 2 Sisters

I first met Vuki and Suki at MV Expo. They’re still little pups back then. Compared to the other pups, they were extremely well behaved.

They don’t bite or scratch the newspaper, they don’t try to jump the playpen.. they just..sleep and watch the crowd..

It was later that i learned they’re wary of human.

Suki and Vuki during the MV Pet expo:

P1040619_thumb[2]  P1040631_thumb[1]  P1040634_thumb[1]

Somersault Vuki

Vuki is the gal with the funny ear… at first i thought it accidentally folded that way but after a few times seeing her with the ear still like that i guess it’s permanently folded like that. I’m never able to get near to Vuki as she always run away when i approach. But will keep on trying until she’s tired of running away from me =)

IMG_0260  IMG_0435 IMG_0258

IMG_0471  IMG_0425

Suki the smiley dog

Seeing Suki always brighten my day… Her smiles makes me smiles =)

Like Vuki, Suki also always run away when i’m trying to get near her (seriously, am I that scary looking?).

But one lucky day, I managed to coax Suki to come give me a hug ( with treat as bribe of coz ).

I hope that will be the start of a beautiful friendship and eventually i get to hug Vuki too >_<

IMG_0256  IMG_0482 

IMG_0567  IMG_0559

IMG_0259  IMG_0480


Both Suki and Vuki may be shy, but they are very well-mannered and deserve a loving home too.

Please do email us if you’re interested to take them home.

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