Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jake, the Mr Handsome!

Please meet this handsome and gorgeous boy, Jake.


IMG_0453                                                                            Who does this lost dog belong to??

Jake is a rescued dog by Flora. It is believed that Jake is around 1 year old.  Male and not neutered or vaccinated yet.

Jake turned up out of nowhere in Flora’s Taman one day.  He was sooo skinny & looked like he was starving with his tail between his legs.  He was hanging around for a few days & when Flora approached him he was quite friendly.  Flora and her family started feeding him & now the other neighbours also feed him sometimes.

Flora bathed him during the weekend & now he looks so much better & his tail is always wagging !  Jake now lives near the security guard post at Taman Kenanga in Saujana Utama, Sg Buloh.  He is the unofficial security guard for the taman where Flora stays !

If you are interested in Jake or would like to find out more information about Jake, please call Flora at the following number:

Flora - 012-2029750.

P/S: Flora  will  send Jake for neutering and vaccination before sending him to his new home. 

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Sam said...

Good luck Jake =)