Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have you met Snoopy?

IMG_5943  IMG_5945

This cheerful gal with a bright smile is Snoopy! Ain’t she a sunshine?

She was rescued from Cheras by a kind uncle just 2 days before our adoption drive.

She’s got a bit of injury on her neck and her back but it never dampen her mood. Such a darling!


And it so happen that this is the same dog that Vien has been feeding at Cheras too.. 

Vien was so worried when she didn’t see Snoopy in Cheras anymore. What a relief it is for her to see Snoopy here.

IMG_6032   IMG_6033

Snoopy love being hugs!! And she would show her appreciation by excessive licking! *AaaAWWW*

Snoopy is still single and available, so drop us an email or call if you want to give her a home.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

She is soooo sweet, always smiling! Hope she finds a forever home soon, she'll make her owner very very happy with her constant sunshine :)