Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catch Me (Sandy and Samy) if you can

And yes… Mrs Lai can and Mrs did!!

**No animals or human were harmed in the process**




Sandy and Samy who?

Well, remember Billy Boy, the shy dorm-mate of little Mandy?

Sandy’s the mum, and Samy’s the sibling.



We were only able to get Billy Boy into the shed but didn’t manage to get Sandy and Samy as Sandy’s one fierce and protective mama.

It’s really fortunate that we have Billy, else Sandy and Samy would have wandered off somewhere else where we couldn’t check on them.

IMG_1353  IMG_1372


  Sandy and Samy.

Don’t Samy just look like Billy Boy? :D






IMG_1378   IMG_1376

Sandy misses her Billy tremendously and never stop worrying about him.

Every day, she and Samy lingered near the temple.. Looking longingly at the shed where Billy is.

And that’s when a brilliant idea strike Mrs Lai!  images

Take Billy out to lure Sandy and Samy into the shed… and voila! Now the family of 3 are reunited in the shed. YaaAYYY!!

You’re a genius Mrs Lai >_<

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kim said...

Great -- this Mrs Lai is applying her own great mother's love method to this Sandy family. It works !!!!

So we humans must learn and practise the family love culture