Friday, July 16, 2010

They Are Back

They came to share their time with our furry friends in the shed. How thoughtful to be thinking of them after only 2weeks.


Marisa and Siew Siew came to greet Jian Ming


Bee Ying telling stories to our fur friends. Subang sat quietly and comfortably in the plastic container to listen while Marisa came forward to be patted

P7140047 Jian Sheng gave Frosty some pet talk for jumping out of the shed all the time.

P7140048“ Shall I replenish their snack?”

P7140049 “Let me wear gloves before I pick up their poo-poo”

P7140052 See how initiative they are.They know what to do without been told.

P7140053 “Let me change the newspaper”

P7140050 “Long Long and Leng Leng, two of you better stay inside”

P7140054 Shofia the new lost dog wants some attention too.

This is Mimi, their new adopted cat and……

…….this is Koko(the one with brown patches) their new rabbit.( Do you realise that their names are a combination of Miko’s name)

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