Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paws Mission’s rehoming - 1st anniversary & its unsung heroine

kiew n boyAunty Kiew's dogs and cats need help 019 KiewAunty Kiew's dogs and cats need help - 2 084aunty kiew 12 soldiers 018 Aunty Kiew's dogs and cats need help - 2 098 Aunty Kiew's dogs and cats need help - 2 133 Aunty Kiew – The unsung heroine & the angel of the doggies in the shed

A little background about Aunty Kiew…..

Auntie Kiew, the true animal lover. She has one dog and one cat staying with her in her apartment. So, what is so big deal?? Well, she also feeds around 40 stray dogs and 30 stray cats every day, with no fear of rain or sun, in her neighbourhood nearby in Old Klang Road!! Interested to know more?

Aunty Kiew is a forty something lady who is not working. The food she feeds the dogs and cats come from her pocket money from her husband. She is the kind of person that will spend the last RM10 she has for the animals even if she is in hunger. Her daily chores starts by going to the market in the early morning to buy raw chicken neck, chicken head and other organ parts that are unwanted by some household. She will then de-skin the chicken and sorted it out for cooking (a little story of the reason she has to de-skin and cook the meat separately is because her kitchen caught fire once due to the chicken fat that spilt out of the pot when she put everything in to boil) . This is done at around 11am. When it is about 2pm, she will start cooking rice and mix with dog kibbles.

When you ultimately see her in the evening at around 6pm (without fail), she is with a big pail of rice (note, this is the type of pail that we used to put our laundry or for filling up water in the toilet) mixed with cooked chicken and dog kibbles. She can easily be recognised in a big pink hat and long sleeves shirt and pants with whole body covered (because she has to go inside the bushes to feed some timid dogs). She will also carry a big bag containing cat foods, ready for distribution to the "beloved residents", the stray dogs & cats. The dogs and cats will normally wondering around every corner outside the apartment at this hour, including along the road side, bushes area and some around the temple nearby. Aunty Kiew will then lay down newspapers and put the food for them to eat.

Aunty Kiew has been doing this for the past 3 years till present.If you think you would like to help her, she can be contacted at 016-3579604.

Aunty Kiew's dogs and cats need help 017 Mei Mei, is the first stray dog rehomed by Paws Mission – 1 July 2009

Aunty Kiew's dogs and cats need help - 2 022 Waiting for her mama to come…

Mei Mei, renamed Yuki, in her new house the first day with her new mama….

IMG_3941 IMG_3940

Yuki expressing her love to her mama…The Kissy Dog No 1….

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