Monday, July 19, 2010

Mario the Speedo

We asked Zura how she met Mario and here is what she wrote:

hye there, its me zura..

on a saturday morning about 2 weeks ago, my mum brought my cat for morning walk..then my mum saw a puppy lying down at my the staircase of my apartment block ..then she saw 1 man carried the poor puppy n threw him away to somewhere quite far from my block..but, a few days later, my dad saw the same puppy at my block again, so, my dad decided to feed him with bread.. he ate like he has never eaten before (pity him)..then my dad took a box n place him inside the box (sort like his shelter) n put him under the stairs..we feed him nearly 2 weeks before he was rescued..he was very weak when we first saw him (maybe because he was very2 hungry)..then, when my neighbours saw my dad feeding mario, a few of my neighbours also started to feed him =) he later become more playful n frenly..he recognize my dad, everytime my dad parked his car, he will come n greet my dad..i think we manage to train him how to sit n stay =)


About The Pet by Zura and it caught Vivienne’s attention in

hye..i rescued this puppy because it was so weak n lying at my door house..when she look at u, u can see from her eyes that she is aking for help n to be rescue..after we fed her, she can walk n very playful..short tail to be exact, so cute..hehehe..her tail is so seems like she dont have a tail..hehehhe
actually, i'm not sure whether she is a he or a she,..hehehe..from which breed also i'm not sure..=)
anyone who is interested with dis cute puppy can call me..tq..

DSC01340No tail…he,hee,heee…


Puppy Boncit renamed Mario is with us now and is also available for adoption. He is an active, energetic and loving pup.


With Zura and family’s help we realise that we can help any helpless being if we really want to. All you need is a BIG heart , SOME sacrifices and LOTSA of patience and tender loving care.

To Zura and family ‘THANK YOU for saving Mario!’

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