Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Love is Blind

Some of you might have watched the Japanese movie – Quill. The story is about a loyal guide dog, Quill and his master. You may find the synopsis here.


What if it’s the other way round?

During the Pet World Expo, we met Goldie, the  labrador. Goldie is only 4-month-old & she was born blind.

P1040636 P1040641

From Rena:

“I am arranging with Dr. Ed to send her for spaying by this week. In the meantime someone asked me to put her on super lutein and izumio which apparently will help to improve her eye sight. These 2 products are very expensive and it cost about RM410.00 for a month supply. My sponsor is willing to pay so we are trying it out on her. Apparently a shih tzu in kajang had the same problem and she regained her eye sight after on this for a month.

I dun think she can see tho one of her eyes is with cataract whilst the other eye seems hollow to me if you see it under the light. I feel sorry for her as she is afraid to move about even though I tried to put her on the leash and walk her around the car porch to familiarise her with her surroundings.”

If you would like to be the guide-Daddy/Mummy to this poor girl & love her come what may, please contact Rena 012—3051815.

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