Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking Back

All of us actually got together in Oct 2009. With combined efforts and cooperation, we realised that we are able to help more helpless and voiceless friends better. This is not a One Man Show Mission. No man is an island, thus help is always welcomed in whatever form, physically, morally and spiritually. Your encouragement too plays an important part in our rescue which sometimes can be very disheartening and disappointing.

Flash Back…..

The 12 soldiers whom Aunty Kiew rescued was when it all started……Lily is the last one left and we hope she will find a good home soon.She has been with us through thick and thin..



Then our 3 angels from the market……


sisi sitting

The5 Kajang pups……

PA160329 PA140281PA150298

Fan’s rescued pup from a car workshop……Chrissy was one of them


Fan’s rescued construction site pups…….Frosty is still around……


……….and it continues………..

We only started rehoming actively in late November 2009

Todate we managed to rehome 115 dogs and pups and 5 cats

Spay and Neuter 51 dogs and 3 cats!!

We truly hope we can do more.

Thanks to All who have helped us along our way. Without all of you out there we are unable to rescue any helpless friends.


Our Back bone of this rescue mission.Her dedicated daily work,made us bold as we are today.Some of you may not be agreeable as to how she does her work, just take over her work for a week. See what its like taking care of these helpless and voiceless friends.

Thank You Aunty Kiew!

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