Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Are Our Heroine, Sulise

Darling Sulise has joined Ah Wong & Dangdut, gone to Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday night.

I was praying hard that you did not have to suffer much before your last breathe.
You were such a fighter.

When I saw you lying motionless in the cage, with your eyes still opened, you looked much smaller than I could remember

I am sorry that that you had to endure pain for weeks

I am truly sorry that the thought of ‘putting you to sleep’ even crossed my mind as I can’t bear seeing you trembling in pain. Thinking that might be a better option for you

Who am I to determine your life? You were fighting so hard and never,ever give up on yourself yet I secretly wanted to give up on you

I still remember the first time I saw you around my neighborhood. I brought you to my house & you were shivering in fear. Mum asked me let you go as you belong to a neighbor uncle

My puzzlement grew when I saw you were always hanging out with Dino & Jimmy. Two big white, male dogs with a small black pup tagged along, roaming freely, weird huh?

I still remember the times when you never failed to recognise my car when I go back to my parent’s house every weekend

You will jump into my car to look for food and snacks
Oh ya…. you are a sucker for Jerhigh

I remember how you & Dino & Jimmy managed to find out which house I stay in, waited outside my house to ask for food & also some attention. I know all 4 of you were craving for attention & tender,loving, care.

DSC01098Jimmy(Left), Dino (right) & Sulise (not in the pix) waited outside my house, begging for food at 12 midnight.

The big brother, Dino & sister, Godiva got adopted a week after brought to the shed.

I still remember how Dino & Godiva bullied you when I fed you weekly. You had transformed from a timid girl to a brave girl now. Even started showing your naughtiness by bullying the smaller-sized pups in the shed.

You were the 1st dog rescued from the pound. April thought of renaming you LUCKY. I wanted to name you MYRA (short for miracle). We have no idea how Fan ended up calling you Sulise.

DSC01634 Been questioning ourselves since then. Should we have sent you back to your previous, irresponsible owner when we were facing lotsa uncertainties? What if we had sent you back to the uncle? You might not fall sick & endure so much pain.

You are such an angel that God decided to you are better off running happily on the rainbow bridge. We knew that God has worked a miracle in you. Against all odds you stayed with us for weeks.

P1020354 You are our heroine. You are our miracle.
We love you dearly, Sulise. R.I.P.


Paws Mission said...

Somebody actually wanted her as a guard dog reluctantly we agreed. We suppose she prefers to play at the Rainbow Bridge than guarding a house.We miss your playfulness Sue.If only people see more in you.

elaineC said...

RIP Sulise.