Saturday, May 15, 2010

SOS from Vivien!

This is what we received.

May 13, 2010, 1:47 PM

Dear all,

This morning when i'am on my way to office..i saw 2 puppies!!

just bought some chicken liver mixed with white rice to the pups,guess wat?they finished all!!I think they must be very hungry and thirsty..they even finished all the water i poured on the lunch box....

as you can see  from the pic shown,there's a big Longkang (drain in Bahasa Malaysia)very near to where the pups are lying..

i  am afraid they might fall into the drain!

and near my off area here have many factories thus a  lot of foreigner workers!!

u know wat i mean!!!

I really have no idea what to doclip_image001!!?? 


 Our handphones and computers worked extremely  very hard after reading this mail. Our shed currently is not an ideal place for all these pups.Solutions, suggestions and sos were sent flying all over the place to help these 2 little pups


Thurs,May 13, 2010 at 2:38 PM

I just called the vet which is nearby my off,

probably will bring 2 pups there for boarding and have a virus test...


 Fri, 14 May, 2010 9:59:21 AM
hhSubject: *Cherry & Berry* need a foster home!!

Good morning to all,

FYI~~both Cherry and Berry are brought to the vet(DR ZAMZI) for a basic check-up last night.

sad to see their tiny body is all wet and shivering while hiding under the big leaf due to heavy rain~

my friend will help me to foster only 1 pup,

so a foster homes to temporarily help out is needed urgently,

we all know temple is not a good idea to bring in new pups at the momentclip_image001[4]


Vien, Thanks for being so understanding. We wish we could house these pups.(You see we have our limitations too. We can’t help every puppies that are rescued. Its really unfair for them to house them here and we can’t give them the attention they need and furthermore currently our shed is not  very ideal to keep them)

May 14, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Honestly i don't have any ideal how long they will need to be fostered

but i'am willing to pay for their foods and medication as needed.

will post their pic to pet finder later,

hope this can help ...

Glad you are doing some proactive work to get them adopted.

May 14th 2010 4.11pm

i wish i could find someone who can foster / adopt 2 at the same time...

i know is difficult..

Yes, Vien. We wish two of them can be fostered at the same time too..We ourselves are fostering to the max.

14 May, 2010 4:42:35 Pm

My problem is i dun have my own transport,u see...clip_image001[6]

so it better that   the fosterer is near my house area..HappyGarden.

if the fosterer is far frm my hs area

i might not be able to  visit them very often!!

You are so thoughtful and caring Vien


Sat, May 15, 2010 at 12:03 AM

Dear all,

just want to show your all the 2 cuties pic in the vet,, cute they are ...Dr suggested  to wait for 2 weeks later then only give them the 1st vac..still i try to ask my fren if she could foster both 2 babies together!!


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Look at this proud Vien, As if its her own babies!!!!  Calling the vet all the time and now her own puppies album for us to see.


Sat.15 May, 2010 12:27:20 PM

Hi all!

Good fren finally will help me foster both Cherry & Berry...^^

GOOD JOB VIEN!!! You did it!!! You save 2 innocent lives!!!!!

Vien is really a very responsible rescuer. We know she will definitely  find good homes for these 2 cute innocent puppies. She is really an example to follow.

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